Ridiculous job listing of the day

Via the (fake) UTA Job List:

4th Assistant
Director of Development seeks 4th Assistant. Previous 4th Assistant took 2nd Assistant position elsewhere. Duties include assisting 3rd Assistant with 1st Assistant’s personal errands and filling in for 3rd Assistant when 3rd Assistant substitutes for 2nd Assistant if 2nd Assistant is out sick or shadowing 1st Assistant, lunch pick-ups for 1st-3rd Assistants and light filing. Benefits after 3 months. Excellent opportunity for someone looking to become a 3rd assistant. 10/7

Only in LA…

9 thoughts on “Ridiculous job listing of the day”

  1. I wish you hadn’t made that edit. Having fake stuff appear real is a big part of what makes the fake stuff funny. Isn’t that what satire is? Pointing out the fakeness takes away some of the funniness, especially the “aha” moment that comes to different people at different times (and, unfortunately, for some people, never).

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