Pissed off coyote bites hand that wouldn’t feed him

A coyote bit a 25 year old woman’s hand Tuesday as she jogged by a pack being fed by human visitors.

“The coyote was responding to feeding by other park patrons,” park ranger Albert Torres said. “The coyote expected to get fed.”

Coyotes have become bolder over the past few months because people have been feeding them, which is “actually changing their behavior,” Torres said.

Humans “are not doing the coyotes a service” by doing so, he said. “There’s plenty for them to eat in the park.” [KNBC]

The woman wasn’t seriously injured by the bite, but I’m hoping her pace has seriously improved.

3 thoughts on “Pissed off coyote bites hand that wouldn’t feed him”

  1. And that there is no rabies risk. Things are tough in the foothills right now and people just don’t get that inviting them into neighborhoods by leaving out food for them is making matters worse not better. I have to admit this is the first one where a coyote attacked because it wasn’t getting a handout.

  2. The story says she was bitten on the calf.

    Have there been any more sightings in the West Hollywood area?

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