It Caught My Eye: Shark O’Lantern

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned too many times while exploring this town, when you find something that strikes your fancy, you best not figure on tomorrow being another day to immortalize it because shit is nothing if not fleeting in this place, and tomorrow it could be long gone… tagged up, torn apart, scrubbed off or painted out.

So on my bike ride in to work yesterday morning when i found this entirely awesome, seasonally appropriate poster pasted up on the signal control box where 8th Street deadends into Fairfax, I got myself out of traffic and my camera in hand and captured the hell out of it there to celebrate it here.

I could just be seeing things but it kinda looks like that might be some sort of lettering inside the gaping mouth… DOOF maybe? Might that be a clue as to the artist or does anyone far better versed in streetartology straight-away know the creator of this mysterypiece?

Click for maximum sinisterization.

UPDATED (12:35 p.m.): Commenter foodeater solved the mystery; it’s not DOOF, it’s TOOF as in Shark Toof (myspace).

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  1. Thanks, I try to rock at least :) My sighting of it was at Crecent Heights near Melrose. Looks like they’re up all over the place, overshadowed only by Super Obama-man.

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