Yesterday Was A Beautiful Day In LA

Santa Monica/Venice Beach


It was also the perfect day to walk 18.5 miles in preparation for The Big Walk down Western Ave. on October 18.  (That’s less than two weeks away!)

I’m really looking forward to it for many reasons, the main one being that walking for hours and hours gets awfully lonely, even with an ipod stuffed full of podcasts and music.

I saw a few interesting things along my walk yesterday, though no mysterious doors in the ground like last time. Mostly it was just a gorgeous day to be out.

Here was my route.  I called it the Marina Loop.  

On Pico at Centinela, there is this Rib joint.  I’ve never eaten there, but what intrigues me is that I believe it was an old “shape the building like the food” restaurant from days gone by. The Chili Bowl? I feel like I saw it in a book once. Anyone?  (It doesn’t say anything about the building itself on the Mr. Cecil website.)

A bit further down on Pico is Rae’s.  Classic diner.  Old Skool.  Awesome signage.

I hit the ocean and walked from Pico to Washington Blvd. along the bike/ped path. The Venice vendors were just getting going, the tourists were gawking, the musclemen pumping, the incense blowing.  The thing I saw that surprised me most was a chicken, clearly a pet chicken, hanging out by someone’s pile of waiting-to-be-set-up stuff.

I hit the marina and stopped to pay homage to a place I spent most early mornings for four years.  The LMU boathouse. This boathouse is not the original one my teammates and I launched from. That one sank about nine years ago. This is the rebuilt, more modern version, but its in the same spot. I got phantom callous syndrome on my hands just standing there.


Go Lions!
Go Lions!

I walked down the jetty and across the Ballona Creek bridge.  This brought back more crew memories as we would practice and have races here.  View from the bridge/starting line toward the finish line (the other bridge). I’m proud to say we won a few races here…

Crossed the bridge to Playa Del Rey and stopped to adjust my blister management system.  It was nice to sit for a few minutes.  Then I walked up Culver Blvd.  This I don’t recommend from Playa as there is not a very good shoulder from Playa to the 90 freeway.  Once past the 90 though, there is this gorgeous walking/biking parkway for two miles:

I’m pretty sure it used to be train tracks. It was a lovely two mile break from sidewalks.  The Goodyear Blimp even gave me a fly by.

Then it was up Overland and home for a much needed stretch and shower.

I hope as many of you as possible can join Will and me on the 18th!

11 thoughts on “Yesterday Was A Beautiful Day In LA”

  1. That was indeed one of Arthur Whizin’s Chili Bowl restaurants. Not sure if they’re still standing, but some years back at least two others remained: one on San Fernando Road in Glendale, as the office of a used car dealership; the other on Valley in the SGV which was a Chinese restaurant called Kim Chuy.

    Jim Heimann’s California Crazy books have more info about this early chain.

  2. What a walk and thanks for sharing! Now for the big walk in the 18th, I’d love to be able to meet you all somewhere along the route and at least toss water your way in a quasi-pitstop!

  3. Yes, that rib place–conveniently located next to the Birdcage for all your adult book needs.

    I could have met you along your route (I live near SMC) and waited with a cup of water for you.

  4. Evan, that is very kind! If only I had a more modern phone I could have been tweeting/twittering along the way. Maybe you’ll come out to Western on the 18th?

  5. HFS! Our walk is less than two weeks away and the only pedestrianating I’ve done has been to the fridge and back. Good grief! We better start ironing out some particularz such as nearby hospitals, bars and return transportation options.

  6. yes you can, kfreyla, if you have the right tools. I believe Mr. Campbell has the illustrious iPhone se he can flick up and send tweets and blog all while we walk…

  7. Coolness. Kudos on your OMG that makes my feet cry like a little girl just thinking about walking 26 point whatev trek. Hopefully there will be many pics tweets and a bit of bloggage on the way. Via Con Jobos!

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