Norovirus attacks USC!

Have you been touched by a virus?

Campus officials believe it was a norovirus, not contaminated food, that sickened about 130 University of Southern California students this weekend.

University spokesman James Grant says a preliminary investigation found a norovirus to be the cause of campus illness, that led to 1 to 2 days of vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea. Grant says the initial findings won’t be confirmed until test results are returned from the county health department in two to three weeks.

The school has ordered 3,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and 2,000 containers of sanitizing wipes to distribute on Monday, when classes will resume as regularly scheduled. [full story]

UPDATE: About 70 more people came down with it today. LA Times story

3 thoughts on “Norovirus attacks USC!”

  1. Hmmm, according to Wikipedia, norovirus is responsible for for “50% of all foodborne outbreaks of gastroenteritis in the US”. So did this come from someplace else other than food? I hope so since it also says “viruses are transmitted by faecally contaminated food or water”.

    Uh, ewwwwwww.

    But what really caught my eye is that, since the virus doesn’t have a lipid envelope, it isn’t as susceptible to alcohol and detergent based disinfectants, but chlorine based ones. I hope those thousands of sanitizers they are distributing are the correct type and not providing a false sense of safety.

  2. Then again it could just be the good old flu virus floating around, several people have had it in the last few weeks, including me and none of us were near USC.

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