How Many Homes On Your Block Are Gay?

Admit it. You’ve eyed their well-manicured lawns and fabulous window treatments. But, do you know for sure which of your neighbors are actually gay?

Fightin’ Mad Mary of Studio City counted. Then, she made a chart. A gay house chart.

6 out of 14 households on FMM’s block represent alternative lifestyles of the rich and possibly famous. And she finds them to be very nice people. Will this lead to the inevitable GoogleGay from GoogleEarth?

FMM also has a gallery of various lawn signs from the ‘hood. Signs for politicians, props, and poop. Yes, poop. Clean up after your maverick canines!

Map of the Gays from Fightin’ Mad Mary and Q!

3 thoughts on “How Many Homes On Your Block Are Gay?”

  1. The snarky part of me asks “what has she got against rainbows”.
    The other parts of me thing wtf was the purpose in cateloguing her neighbors, either they are good neighbors or they aren’t. Listing and mapping is just wrong.

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