Snapshots from the L.A. Burning Man Decompression

The annual post-burn reunion party for L.A. Burners went off tonight in a blur of glitz. I’m no official judge, but the event seems to be much happier in its new location, the L.A. State Historical Park (yes, the Cornfield) where there’s plenty of rolling, grassy space for sound, light, art and wardrobe fantasy.

Grass isn’t playa, and bored/curious police helicopters don’t buzz Black Rock City every five minutes during the real Burning Man festival, but the L.A. edition of the whole counterculture art carnival drew some 4,000 people (we heard from the Rangers) – most of whom were dressed to the teeth (like these fine bat creatures), and the remaining 20% of whom were dropjawed, plainclothes lookyloos who shelled out $20 a head to gawk.

Photos of a few of the rest of us follow the jump.

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