Traffic ClusterFrak Tomorrow Night Downtown

I have heard twice today on KPCC that tomorrow (Saturday evening) there will be the following things happening:

5:00pm USC playing Oregon at the Coliseum

7:07pm Dodgers vs. Cubs Game 3

7:15pm UCLA vs. Washington State at the Rosebowl

8:00pm Neil Diamond at the Staples Center

There is also an Obama thing downtown with Hilary Clinton speaking in the evening as well.

So if you are heading down there for any of those things — ride a bike, take a bus, take a train, get there early, carpool, etc etc. If you were just going to head downtown for no good reason, I would avoid it like the plague!

5 thoughts on “Traffic ClusterFrak Tomorrow Night Downtown”

  1. freck it all when the rosebowl has stuff going on, no one moves on the 210 or Foothill Blvd through the Foothill Communities. I suppose I should be glad I have to be in Mo Valley for games starting at 4 Sat and all day Sunday.

  2. Also The gays will be in force at The Hideout Bi-Monthly Party @Traquilty Base in South Park. I read somwhere that downtown was designed to handle several mega-events with it’s one way streets and easy access to fwys. It’s once you get on the fwys that it’s a different story. Go Dodgers, Fight on USC, Go Los Angeles Angels !

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