Crime spree suspect caught at Disneyland has a loooong rap.

Anthony Hislar, the 27 year old Monrovia man arrested at Disneyland after a five-day crime spree across three Southern California counties that includes carjackings, home-invasion robberies and attempted murder” has an even longer rap sheet, as revealed by a cursory Google search.

In September of 2001, a 19 year old Anthony Hislar was arrested along with his brother for robbing a Los Angeles area Bank of America. His brother, then 21 year old Peter Hislar, was also wanted for suspicion of killing two teenagers in a drunk driving accident the month prior.[LA Times]

And in April 2005, a 23 year old Anthony Hislar was nabbed after a high speed chase that went through the campus of UC Santa Barbara. Hislar was charged for driving on a suspended license. [Daily Nexus]

Now I’m wondering if his most recent alleged crime spree was prompted from the knowledge that a third strike could prove for a very long prison term, so he just went all out… capped with a visit to Disneyland. But the more important question is why does our criminal justice system allow a scumbag like this more than one second chance?

2 thoughts on “Crime spree suspect caught at Disneyland has a loooong rap.”

  1. I have to laugh, could you have at least put Monrovia in all caps, bold face type and italics. Not all is rosy in my little corner of LA and crap like this floats to the surface way more often than the city propaganda mill likes.

  2. Well, it’s said the criminals have more rights than the victims. Jail
    is just one big revovling door.

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