Welcome Sarah Palin to California!

Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be speaking at the Home Depot Tennis Stadium in Carson on Saturday.

While her handlers will surely keep any detractors miles away from the event, Courage Campaign, the online grassroots organizing network, is having a contest to see who can come up with the pithiest slogan to write on an airplane banner that will circle the event.

But you have to act quickly to get your enlightening, persuasive and informative zinger in the running. Deadline is tonight, Wednesday, Oct. 1st at 9 PM. Get snarking! (Thanks to tdookk.)

thumbnail: Fox News

8 thoughts on “Welcome Sarah Palin to California!”

  1. Courage Campaign’s website says the winner will be announced later today, “right before the debate.”

  2. sneak attacks are good, but with it on the web some of the air could be let out. Watch a “no fly zone” be established and it becomes moot. That is a problem with the innertubies…everyone reads them.

  3. “We Live Next Door to Mexico. Can We Be Secretary of State?” The winner was “SARAH PALIN, THANKS BUT NO THANKS: NO ON PROP 4!” Evidently, they were thinking locally while I was acting globally.

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