Win Tix to The Hives & Eagles of Death Metal

Their show on the 24th has been cancelled, but these boys are keeping their second show date at the Mayan for what should be an awesome rock show in an amazing venue. And we have tickets! This should be a show of epic proportions. If you want to win tickets, tell me what your favorite song is (by either of the bands) and why, in the comments below. Leave your email so we can contact you if you win! If you’d prefer to buy tix, go here.

Win Tix to Cold War Kids at the Fonda, 9/24

Rascally Fullerton boys Cold War Kids have earned the love of rock fans nationwide with their unabashedly balls-out, swaggering and yowling rock’n’roll. They play at the Fonda this Wednesday the 24th and you can win tickets! To win, just leave the name of another local band in the comments–one you think people should know more about and one you think should get the same love Cold War Kids has gotten. Leave your email so I can reach you if you win!

And if you don’t win tickets, you can still buy ’em here.

Spotted in the Wild: They Shoot Pay Phones, Don’t They?

Empty Pay PhoneI spotted this sad fellow outside of the Silver Lake Trader Joe’s over the weekend and it made me wonder, in an age of ubiquitous mobile phones and always-on connectivity, how much priority the phone company places on repairing busted pay phones? I don’t remember the last time I used a pay phone (unlike some people), but something about staring into this bleak, empty socket really makes me melancholy.

Click to embiggen, but it ain’t gettin’ much better.

Jesus to Judas: “I don’t understand; we were so hot together.”

A fundraiser for a New York-bound LA theater company comes to Fubar.

Ten years ago in NYC, Corpus Christi, Terrence McNally’s play re-imagining the story of Jesus and the Apostles as gay men living in modern day Texas, stirred controversy, weaving into the tale an examination of gay themes in Christianity. (In McNally’s version, Judas betrays Christ because of sexual jealousy.)

Church leaders and right wing-nuts united in cries of blasphemy condemning it, thus ensuring a mother lode of free publicity and a long life for productions around the globe.

108 Productions, a theater company based in Los Angeles, has been performing Corpus Christi for the past three years, here as well as in San Francisco, and at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival in Scotland and in Dublin, Ireland over the past two summers. Continue reading Jesus to Judas: “I don’t understand; we were so hot together.”

Will Smith and Scientologists and Anonymous, Oh my!

As you may or may not have heard Will Smith is funding a school called the New Village Leadership Academy which has ties to Scientology. How deep those ties are is the subject of much debate, but the school is definitely using some very controversial Scientology developed teaching methods like Study Tech. Given this bit of information you can imagine that Anonymous has taken note. The interesting bit is that the school was anticipating them.

Basically what happened is the school posted a false grand opening date on their website, expecting protesters to show up, which they did. In what has become typical fashion representatives from Scientology were on hand to film the protesters and try to get personal information about them. What isn’t typical at all is that some of the people at the school who were ill informed about Scientology and Study Tech took interest in the protesters and invited them in for further discussions. And that’s where things get really interesting.

I was curious how this all went down. Did anonymous wear their masks throughout all of the conversations? How did the school representatives react upon hearing their arguments? I asked, and Anonymous answered. After the jump is a first hand account of the protest and discussion by Anonymous member Blvd Nights who was on hand for all of the festivities and conversations.

Continue reading Will Smith and Scientologists and Anonymous, Oh my!

A Los Angeles Micro-Moment

I stood at the cash register, waiting for my to-go order of 2 pieces of pie at the Apple Pan on Saturday night when a guy walked in alone wearing a Canter’s t-shirt.  I wondered if I was somehow a small part of his evening of “go to all the old classic places to eat in LA.”

Alas, I was so distracted by the thought of organizing an event like that, I forgot to order my pie a la mode.


(photo by moi as I departed.)

The Culver City Hategate Saga Is Finally Over For Now

What was prompted by the nazi swastiki-augmented hate graffiti I found in Culver City along Ballona Creek bikeway that begat this post here and then continued with this post here after a city paint-out attempt a few days later left it still mind-blowingly legible, can finally and successfully be concluded here thanks to the nastiness  being found entirely painted out on Friday’s ride in to work:

The interesting thing was that on Thursday’s ride I found one of the crew I’d seen at work on Wednesday morning and I stopped to ask him why it had been left visible. He told me that the taggers had apparently used some sort of paint — perhaps metallic or oil-based — that allowed it to creep back through anything put on top of it.

That didn’t jive in the slightest with the fact that the gate had only been touched up twice to cover the dark paint of smaller gang tags instead of completely recovered, but I didn’t want to argue the point since the worker said he’d planned on returning to the scene of the slime and priming the thing with black before rolling on a second layer of the gray in hopes that would take it out once and for all — which it did, at least until the aryans come back to redecorate.

Red Hat Lady meets Yoda

Red Hat Lady meets Yoda with the help of Obiwan
Red Hat Lady meets Yoda with the help of Obiwan

The Route 66 Parade and car show was Duarte’s big deal event.  The car show and park were a bust, barely two dozen cars and tent upon tent of bargain basement “crap show” merchandise stuffed into the park.  Sorry metblog readers, it hasn’t been like that the last few years and had I known the changes I would not have put this up as an event worth seeing.  I’m not a fan of the changes and won’t be going back.

However, the day was not a total loss as the Obi Wan art car was interesting.  Outside of CA most states won’t let you get away with gluing on tons of stuff onto your car and making it into an “art car”.  Something to do with not having an annual safety inspection is the likely culprit why people get to run amok with their art car projects.  This one drew a crowd.  My favorite was the Red Hat Lady and her interactions with the various star wars characters who ventured out from under their blue tent.

More pics after the jump. Continue reading Red Hat Lady meets Yoda

It’s the branding, stupid

Note to S. F. :

Is this poster really a good idea? I mean, right here (Sunset and Maltman,) right now (yesterday– and I ride by this corner a few times a week,) at this point in the election? It seems like it could be useful for the McCain campaign. Can’t you just see a 527 luridly splashing it on a massive direct mailing sent out to scare the most impressionable, most easily misled “undecided” voters?

Has the Palin situation gotten me this jumpy? Uh, yah.

“Alleged” cease-and-desist letters and street art branding wars aside, I quote from the “warning” link on the Obey site: “Please use common sense and consideration when applying stickers or other propaganda materials.”

Or maybe it’s just guerilla marketing for the Obey fashion/music/home/cake mix line? (Btw, the money clip? Loves it.)

[Full disclosure: I have a “hope” sticker on my car. And I’m curious about how the jeans fit.]

The Fascist’s Tour of L.A.

My folks are coming this Monday for a visit. They live in an upscale gated golf course community in Florida that I call “The Compound.” Since The Compound is full of WOOPs (Well-Off Older Persons) and contains a country club, the political demographic there tends to skew Republican. This was evident in the Los Angeles area tour suggestions that my parents’ Compound neighbor gave them. He told my folks that we should first tour the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library at Simi Valley, followed by the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, and, to cap it off, the Rand Corporation headquarters. However, I have other ideas.

Continue reading The Fascist’s Tour of L.A.

Betrayed by Hersheys, Candy Blogger talks to NBC

Former LA Metblog author Cybele May appeared on NBC’s Today Show Friday morning to complain about Hershey’s recent changes on its “chocolate” in some of its product. For example, the use of cocoa butter in Whatchamacallits, Milk Duds, and other favorites, has been replaced by vegetable oil. [watch the clip here]

Cybele, who writes the cavity inducing Candy Blog, suggests that the use of “mockolate”  is deceptive. “They’re giving me an inferior product and they’re not even telling me.”

From NBC’s companion article, emphasis mine:

In a statement, Hershey’s told TODAY that consumers love its products and all its candies are clearly labeled. It still offers real milk chocolate in Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and its classic chocolate bar.

Alas, while preparing for the show, Cybele ran across a package of Reeses Sticks that were clearly labeled to have “crispy wafers – peanut butter – milk chocolate” inside… but a closer look at the ingredients indicated that milk chocolate wasn’t in the ingredients.

No ordinary garage/estate sale

Handcarved bone (not ivory!) and utterly beautiful
Handcarved bone (not ivory!) and utterly beautiful

No sir, even for Silver Lake this is more than your regular estate sale.

I’ve seen this stuff in person and it’s worth the drive. Stuff in every price range. Book shelves galore, antique furniture (some of it authentic prized Tibetan treasures), lamps, mirrors, collectibles, ceremonial masks from around the world – heck you’d better check it out yourself.

Craigslist ads here and here with more info and great pictures.

Today only, 830am – 6pm
3350 Wood Terrace @ Griffith Park Blvd.
More info: (323) 660-8622

Friday Bullets: Pirates & Other Stuff


Other Stuff:

Win Tickets to Okkervil River at the Fonda with Sea Wolf & Zykos


So Okkervil River has to be one of my favorite bands EVAR and you can bet on seeing me wearing my platforms in the front row through Sea Wolf (who I also LOVE, especially mad props to Lisa) and staying firmly planted there, refusing to be supplanted by taller folks, until the headliner goes on. (Even with the platforms everyone is still taller than me. Why do all you tall boys insist on wedging in right in front of short girls? fuck you.) I’ve actually never seen these folks live–years ago they came to the Silverlake Lounge but couldn’t play at the last minute, so instead some band called The 88 played. They were pretty good.   ;)

Anyhoo, I’m fresh out of creative ways for you to win tickets to this awesome show so how about you just tell me what a big fan you are & how much you want tickets? I’ll pick the most lovelorn Okkervil-worshippers.