Today’s headline writer who needs to be fired brought to you by Newsnet14

worst headline evar? "Gay h...

I was just eating breakfast and reading my morning internets when I saw this tweet and almost choked on my cheerios. That had to be a joke right? No real news organization could publish a story with the headline “Gay hispanic train engineer crashes train while texting young boys, kills 25” right? Apparently not, and it’s completely legit. The article itself never touches on any of the outrageous claims in the headline, but if you think that’s bad, check the comments there. Yikes. The publication bills itself as “Global and Local news for Europeans Everywhere” though a quick scan of their other articles shows this is pretty much inline with their editorial style and their About Us page clears up any suspicions you might have had about a potential bias or two behind the writing. Fun!

4 thoughts on “Today’s headline writer who needs to be fired brought to you by Newsnet14”

  1. To spare people the pain of clicking the link, when these people write “Europeans,” they don’t mean citizens of the countries of the European continent. They mean white people.

    Bloody racists.

  2. dhosek at least they aren’t “like minded christians” which is the tag used by the KKK for their events.

    The only important tidbit in the headline is that he was texting. The texting was the cause the rest is just stupid sensationalism.

  3. Ugh, don’t miss their 10-part “The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz” in which “Never seen before footage that exposes one of the biggest and well executed hoaxes in history”.

    And of course, by “don’t miss”, I mean “please skip”.

    BTW, the site is registered to Aryan Wear. Quelle surprise!

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