Ray Ray’s Eat to the Beat

Ray Rays Eat to the Beat
Ray Ray's Eat to the Beat

Looking for a DJ gig?  Ray Ray’s Eat to the Beat needs an in-house DJ to spin while patrons sup.  We stumbled upon Ray Ray’s a Japanese restaurant in Alhambra and quickly fell in love.  Affordable prices and good food are always appreciated, but the music was key.

The walls are adornd with record sleeves in frames and tucked into a corner is a DJ set up, including records.  There’s no chance that of not finding something everyone can groove to.  When we walked in, Sergio Mendez was spinning.  I played a Bossa Nova record and my husband followed me with The Clash.  Funk, punk, pop, disco, hip-hop, and country were available in the bins next to the table.

I spoke with Ray Ray briefly and learned the restaurant has been opened for about 9 months now and they are looking for an in-house DJ.  Didn’t get the details, but I’m sure if you call and ask you’ll learn more.  Other patrons I spoke to that day, all said the same thing, “Ray Ray’s is the best Japanese fast food in Alhambra.”  We’re definitely going back.  Hey we may even put our DJ skills to use and spin a few.

Ray Ray’s Eat to the Beat
1900 W Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA

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  1. yes, it was a welcome joy. the only bad part was the sushi. we had to wait way too long for it and it wasn’t all that great. i’m still trying to find the pics of what we got to eat.

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