LA Times: Vulgarities commonplace on Internet!

The paper moves quickly to squelch offensive language on its web site.

In a startling revelation today, the Los Angeles Times has learned that a wide range of vulgarities are in abundant use on the Internet. LA times officials also acknowledged that filthy words are being used “elsewhere” but had no further comment as to exactly where the foul language has been spotted.

The shocking word usage, or “cussing,” as the Times refers to it, first surfaced in a Dec. 11th column by Matea Gold during last year’s writers strike. In her Show Tracker online column, she quoted a writer for talk show host David Letterman referring to his boss as being “p***** off.”

The Times’ standards and practices department, with the added assistance of their newly formed Taste and Obscenity Security Detail, swung into quick action, neutralizing and eradicating the offensive language from the paper’s hugely successful web site.

According to a source who did not want to be identified discussing the paper’s internal matters for fear of, as he put it, “having my mouth washed out with soap,” writers have been warned to not use the offensive words. A request to the Times from LA Metblogs for a list of the swear words so far has gone unanswered.

One thought on “LA Times: Vulgarities commonplace on Internet!”

  1. What the hell, the weinies can’t take it?
    How is this for a selection for starters, common as they are, but a good start of.
    Cunt (my personal favorite to insite a riot)
    Mother Fucker

    If you heard this before then you can thank George Carlin.
    Nice post btw.

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