Wash your wheels and help build a home @Saturday Car Wash

Monrovia Women’s Build $28K short to break ground on their “Habitat Sherman Homes” project.

A group of Monrovia Women in business saw the need for more affordable housing in our little corner of LA.  They got together a while back and formed the Monrovia Women’s Build.  .  They worked with the SGV Habitat for Humanity to get things going.

They got the city to donate some land on Sherman Avenue for two homes.  They have their first family in line for a home. They started raising funds.  So far they have raised nearly 322K.  To raise that money thay have had projects as simple as the kids at Mayflower Elementary give them “spare change” from their piggy banks to corporate donations.  Month by month they have increased their kitty.  They are now 28K from breaking ground on the first of two homes.

To get themselves closer to that goal this weekend they are having a car wash in Pasadena.  The suggested donation is $10.   If you don’t have a car you can bring your bike or skate board.  They will even accept checks at the car wash!

They’ll even accept a straight donation if you don’t have a grungy car in need of washing. 

DETAILS: Saturday 8/23 9AM-4PM Pasadena Covenant Church, 539 N Lake Ave (corner of Lake & Santa Barbara), Pasadena

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  1. My car is filthy, and I love Habitat For Humanity (and similar/related groups.) I’m in. Of course, the car was already dirty and last night I parked just a little too close to the sprinklers. I may have to donate more than $10.

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