Hyperspeed: My Morning Commute

So the last couple of my bike commutes I’ve been goofing around with the timelapse capabilities of my handlebar-mounted digicam and the results have been interesting… to me, at least.

There’s no envelope being pushed here, just your standard low-res, potentially motion-sickness-inducing timelapse that condensed my 60-minute 14-mile crosstown journey into four stopmotion-filled minutes. Contrary to what we’ve lately been finding in the media, the trip wasn’t a death-defiant one. I didn’t get doored or get cursed at, or get drenched in flung beverage, or get a ticket, or get shot, stabbed, run over or run off the road. I just get on my bike and get to work — but not on any freeway. Instead I traverse thoroughfares far more frightening than a gridlocked 405: Fairfax Avenue and the boulevards of Venice and Sepulveda. Anyway, I hope you come along for the ride below and enjoy it. My philosophy is that any day I can ride a bike is automatically a better day.


10 thoughts on “Hyperspeed: My Morning Commute”

  1. great video, will. this is useful, as I am in los feliz. I’m a longtime 4th street / cochran / venice fan. question – where do you hit the river trail (duquesne?) and does that end up south of marina del rey at the ocean trail? would that be the best way to get to the “strand” trail?

  2. Thanks Rob! Yeah, to get to the Ballona Creek Bikeway from Duquesne I’ll turn off Venice at Hughes, which becomes Duquesne south of Culver Boulevard. The Ballona Creek Bikeway is the one that ends up at the bridge across the channel adjacent to Marina Del Rey and from there leads to the bikepath south across Dockweiler, Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo beaches. I’m not totally familiar with the strand but I’ll bet it’s in there somewhere.

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