Archiving Angeles (AA): Mary Lou Retton

Every generation has its hero. One who stands tall amongst giants. One who warms the heart of the world with just a smile. One who captures a nation one television at a time.

She did with grace. She did it to perfection. She did it in Los Angeles.

Her name was Mary Lou. The year was 1984.

Photo from the Los Angeles Public Library

5 Replies to “Archiving Angeles (AA): Mary Lou Retton”

  1. And then she became, for about a year, quite possibly the most annoying personality ever to appear on television commercials and programs. “It’s supercharged!”

  2. Jodi, bingo: I’ve been increasingly less compelled by the successive summer games since to the point of I barely watch anymore. And those two weeks in Los Angeles in were the best two weeks ever in Los Angeles. Everer.

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