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  1. you got to be kidding me. Well if they wanted some crappy graffiti to replace it they just opened up the canvas

  2. 0kay, that sucks. I was just there last night! The folks at Pure Luck need to get a muralist in there, ASAP.

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  4. Long story short: Not really the furniture guy’s fault. This was done by a local jackass named Boris, completely out of spite, as a “fuck-you” to the neighborhood.

    Boris talked furniture dude into into letting him change the mural. Don’t know which foggy mind came up with the notion, but they felt that the previous mural was giving tons of business to the bike shops, and not to the furniture store, which should be benefitting.

    …yes, I’m serious. I got this argument first-hand from furniture dude on multiple occasions.

    …No, he didn’t want a mural of cheesy bedroom sets and sectional sofas. He didn’t really have any ideas, but decided to trust Boris to come up with something tasteful that would magically make people want to pull over and buy a veneered shelving unit.

    This gets around the block. There is much grumbling and sighing and shaking heads.

    Fast forward to this Monday, when furniture guy decides that this is his last week in business. He tells Boris, and tells that if he wants to do something, he should do it now.

    …and Boris did that. Ugly tagging started the same night.

    Furniture dude apologized to me about it before I even saw it. Head shop guys across the street are livid. Boris hasn’t been seen since they chased him out of their shop after he explained that he had no intention of actually putting a new mural up, he just wanted to paint over what was there.

    Ben, Pure Luck

  5. don’t get why boris would do this. he lives right there and now all his neighbors are pissed with him.
    i’ll miss the champagne quality beer priced furniture. what’s that store is going to be?

  6. hey everyone, thanks for the support. i’m infuriated about this but unfortunately i’m on the east coast and i can’t do anything about it. if i could, i would hop on a plane asap and fix that shit up. what a huge slap in the face…
    does anyone know who is buying that building? if so, could we get a pool of concerned Melhel kids to get together and save that space for me? any help would be much appreciated…i’ll work on getting a plane ticket back.

  7. hello, eyeone here. i was fortunate enough to be invited by cache to collaborate on this wall with him and makatron. i painted the red straightedge character on the left -which survived the buff, apparently- and the zapatista wearing the gear t-shirt that is now gone

    cache and i have every intention to put up a new mural for the community if that is a possibility. thanks to everyone for their support and appreciation of art on our los angeles streets. by the way, there is a mural my crew seeking heaven and i did in 2000 across the street on the side of scoops that survives to this day, i hope it stays. it is incomprehensible to do to murals what this person did to ours.

    eyeone | seeking heaven

  8. Yes, eyer from la and makatron from australia helped me on this beautiful piece. we all appreciate all the community support…

  9. I am meeting with the landlords property manager tommorow the 15th. The post by Ben at pure luck and Cache sum up the events about as well as anyone could. I tried to stop this from happening but It happened anyways. It really sucks but it’s done and I now dislike Borris even more than I did before. If all goes well Orange 20 Bikes will assume the lease on the furniture store. We need a bit of a miracle or a bank loan to do it. So cross your fingers, say a praire or buy something from us this weekend and we will be able to afford it. Cache when you can come back we will do whatever we can to sponsor your trip and a new mural.
    Tj Flexer
    Orange 20 Bikes

  10. hey everyone, so I’m flying back to LA on the 22nd…we’ll see what happens …much love, cache..

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