“Sam Zell, Please Sell the LA Times – Now!” – 40 year Subscriber

Spotted moments ago on Ed Pagett’s twitter stream, a 40 year subscriber has written a letter blasting Sam Zell and begging him to sell the paper to someone who actually cares about it. Jack McGrath writes:

“I have been a loyal and satisfied Times subscriber for over 40 years. I like the book section, the Sunday opinion pages, the Highway section, the columnists, and the look of the paper. I do not support what you are doing to the LA Times.

Please do all of us a really big favor in Los Angeles. Make an offer to sell the paper to a real LA Lover- such as Richard Riordan, Eli Broad, or David Geffen…”

He goes on to ask other subscribers to write similar letters. See the full letter on Ed’s blog.

3 thoughts on ““Sam Zell, Please Sell the LA Times – Now!” – 40 year Subscriber”

  1. If the LA Time’s revenues are any indication, then Ed Pagett is part of a small, but vocal, minority.

    The fact is, the LA Times isn’t selling what the people are buying. What _does_ it need to do? I have no idea, but whatever it is, it can’t be what it had been doing.

  2. Mummy is right. What should Zell or someone else do? Keep all the writers and other employees? Keep losing money? Go out of business?

    So do people expect the owner to keep more people then they can afford out of the goodness of their heart. If all business owners did that, this country would be third world.

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