Supergrass Launches New British Invasion of Los Angeles

If, like me, you are addicted to 90’s Britpop, then you’ll be very excited to hear that one of the icons of the Britpop movement, Supergrass, is coming to the Avalon Theater on July 12.  I tried to get you some free tickets for a contest giveaway, but alas, the Avalon promotion folks dropped the ball, or, more accurately, they never took the handoff. Too bad, we all have to pay.

Supergrass on YouTube, after the jump

Found on Road Alive: BMW Z1 (never sold here)

BMW ZABehold the BMW Z1.  A sports car about the size of the original Miata.  It was made and sold in Europe and other markets from 1987-1991.  It shared the underpinnings with the 3 series of that era.  Info I got was that this car was not sold in the US.

This particular car caught our eyes first when we couldn’t see doors on it.  Closer inspection and the boys and their friends freaked out as they dropped down into the door sill.  Wow…pretty nifty alright.  Of course I suspect that might have been the reason why it didn’t make it to this country.

At first I have to admit I was puzzled as to what kind of car it was.  When we got close we could see the traditional BMW badge and trademark double kidney grill.  Walking around it was obvious it never came here.  It even had a “UK Sports Car Club” sticker in the windshield.  A quick google search yielded this tidbit and a basis for the rest of the info I just gave you.

Pic by me from the trusty cell phone cam.  A couple more after the jump.  Continue reading Found on Road Alive: BMW Z1 (never sold here)

God Says Golf!

Saw this sign on Sunday at a church in my West LA neighborhood. Does god have so much free time that he’s Twittering messages for churches to post on their front doors? And if god was so into golf, he wouldn’t have made Tiger Woods have knee surgery.

(Full disclosure: I’m not religious.)

Cellphone Car Ban: Day One Compliance Is Go!

Not to beat the deadhorse on this topic, but just for the helluvit on the way in to work (when I wasn’t talking on my cellphone while biking because it’s still totally legal to do that, suckaz) I decided to see how compliant you motorizing angelenos were on the first day of the new No Cellphone To Ear While Driving Ban But For Some Reason Texting Is Oh Fucking Kay Law.

Of the 282 vehicles I tallied along the 14.5 mile route between Silver Lake and Westchester, here’s the breakdown:

  • Drivers with visible headsets: 27
  • Drivers with invisible headsets: Ha!
  • Invisible drivers with visible headsets: OK, I’ll stop.
  • Drivers texting while driving (and looking kinda guilty): 1
  • Drivers talking on phone while pulled over to the side of the road at a complete stop: 1
  • Drivers talking on phone while driving: 0

I’m impressed! The streets looked like it was 1989 this morning! Oh, and bonus Stat:

  • Pedestrians on cellphones: 3

Jump kick the 4th with Adams and Jefferson in LA


Meet Pete Handelman.  Actor, comedian, sports blogger and video blogger.  He loves LA.   He is here by choice and not leaving anytime soon.  A New Yorker by birth he has been here since the early 70’s except for a 6 year sting in Boston.  The latter has given him a perverse adoration of the Celtics that I’ll explain a bit later.

For more of his videos and stuff with a short interview you have to make the jump. Continue reading Jump kick the 4th with Adams and Jefferson in LA

Another boring mention about the cell phone ban… blah, blah, blah.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that effective today, California drivers can no longer hold their cell phones while driving. But did you know:

Not sure if this is legal.
pic by dfb, used under Creative Commons.
  • that while the LAPD has indicated they won’t target cellphone violators for ticketing’s sake, they will use it as another reason to pull over shady looking individuals? Yep, this could mean you.
  • if you’re a cheap bastard or can’t afford a fancy wireless headset, you can get a FREE wired headset just for the cost of shipping ($3.94) through a wireless phone safety program?*
  • the fines and fees for “first offenders” caught violating the law can total about $100? This doesn’t include the anxiety and waste of time spent being pulled over by a cranky police officer.
  • if you’re a cheap bastard or think you look stupid wearing a headset, you can simply use the speaker phone built into your cell phone?
  • if you talk on your headset outside of the car, especially while in line at Starbucks, everyone thinks you’re a douche?

*UPDATE: Proceed with caution – the Better Business Bureau gives an unsatisfactory rating after numerous complaints that were only resolved after the BBB became involved. Thanks Julia!

…sources: San Jose Mercury News and LA Times