ICME: Sun Conyer shopping with its owner

This gorgeous little bird caught my eye while shopping this morning.  It is a 2 year old Sun Conyer, aka Sun Conure which is native to Brazil.  Its owner had it out for socializing.  She said that she recently adopted and got him for a song (her words, pun intended) for only $7.50 as he was a difficult bird.  She said he trained easy and is a happy, cheerful if not outright chirpy bird. 

Looks like he finally found an owner he likes as he was beautifully behaved.

pic by me with the trusty new camera phone (yup…another one bit the dust this month)

3 thoughts on “ICME: Sun Conyer shopping with its owner”

  1. Lucky lady to find one that reversed out of being a difficult bird. Conures can be downright nasty. Not only can they put out a lotta loud noise for such a little bird, but whereas some parrots will bite you and let go in surprise or mercy, I’ve had conures clamp down and then twist/grind the pointy of their beak in for maximum evisceration. Not fun.

  2. wow…shows what I know about birds. My exposure is limited to “Kato” an african gray, and a brilliant green “Mr O’Malley” both of which were pretty cool birds, chatty but pretty tame. Kato has his moments where he was aggressive but even then I don’t remember her actually biting or being nasty.

    So I take it that should not be a bird on my shopping list?

  3. Probably your best bet if you are thinking about a conure (or any bird for that matter) for a pet is to make sure you deal with a reputable bird breeder and get a young bird that’s really really really been hand-reared.

    But then again you never know. My ex-wife and I went gaga over a baby Forpus (commonly called a parrotlet; the smallest known parrot) that was hand-reared and we took over early on so it would imprint better on us, and all was good until about three months later when the bird never missed an opportunity to bite the hell out of me. We gave it back to the breeder to keep me from flushing the devilbird down the toilet.

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