I Finally Broke My McCain Cherry


It finally happened last night.  The moment I’ve been dreaming about for so long.  I finally saw my first McCain bumper sticker out here.  I’ve been searching for one for months, really.  The plan was to keep a rough count in my head of the ratio of Obama stickers and signs to McCain ones, to get an idea of the two candidates’ respective support among local voters.  Only, I gave up on the effort many weeks ago, after losing count of the number of Obama messages and seeing zero for McCain.

Granted, where I live and where I was looking (primarily in Santa Monica, Venice, and the Marina) is perhaps one of the most liberal areas of the entire United States.  But jeez, not even one McCain bumper sticker?  Not even two?

I do have to give this driver credit, however, for being so brave.  By displaying his McCain bumper sticker in this neck of the woods, he is surely risking defacement, ostracism, and, at the very least, ridicule.

10 thoughts on “I Finally Broke My McCain Cherry”

  1. Heh, I’ve been doing the same thing… keeping an eye out for McCain stickers or yard signs, or whatever.

    Still haven’t seen one. And I live in Glendale, for god’s sake.

  2. Dude…you aren’t in the republican stronghold of LA County. Those stickers and signs have been all over the SGV for months. Usually pasted right next to the last two Bush Election stickers. Well, not in Pasadena as that is prolly the only liberal/progressive hold out in the area.

  3. Mummey, it’s a Honda. Yeah, they have been copying BMW’s tail lights for a long time.

  4. I think I saw one in LA a while back.

    I just spent about a week in the exact buckle of the bible belt and I didn’t see one McCain sticker or lawn sign or anything. I saw a lot of Obama action, though.

  5. Franklin, apparently, you are not familiar with the L.A. Metblogs “breaking/busting/popping cherry” rule. We’re required to use this phrase to indicate a “first time” experience at least once per quarter.

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