Awesomest Website EVER!

[check out the DUST MASK BANDIT!]

Okay here’s the coolest thing ever, and no it’s not a prank –

LA Bankrobbers have their own website!

Well it’s not actually THEIRS, it’s a law enforcement site

devoted to the identification and apprehension of bank robbers (a.k.a. bank bandits) in the Southern California territory, which specifically covers the following seven counties: 1) Los Angeles 2) Orange 3) Riverside 4) San Bernardino 5) San Luis Obispo 6) Santa Barbara and 7) Ventura. The region we cover is typically referred to as the “Bank Robbery Capital of the World” – a title we would love to lose.

Photos, background info, and yes, REWARDS –

Go be a good citizen. Help the FBI and maybe make a little dough yourself – WITHOUT having to rob a bank!

2 thoughts on “Awesomest Website EVER!”

  1. I like the chatty bandit the best. He’s working the OC banks, no mask, no disguise at all, chats on his cell, chats with others in line, chats with the teller then sticks them up. Ballz on that one. I like his style, though he is so incredibly stooopid he will get caught.

  2. From what I understand from friends in law enforcement, most bank robbers are never caught. The ones that do are caught because they either make dumb mistakes or get greedy and rob multiple banks in a local area. Once they establish patterns, it’s much easier to catch them.

    And that is why I only robbed the one bank. Hit it and quit it, I say.

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