Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree

People have said many things about Yoko Ono, some of them laudatory and some not very nice. It comes with the turf when you choose a life in art. Hers has been an effort to touch peoples’ lives in some positive way. Her profound influence on her late husband, John Lennon, sent him in the same direction after the Beatles break-up — attempting, against all possible odds, to heal the world’s psychic wounds.

Ono, now 75, is still going strong. This weekend she brings her Wish Tree installation to the Armory Center’s Public View at One Colorado in Old Pasadena. Kristin’s List has the info:

Make a wish, write it on a piece of paper and tie it to the branch of a Wish Tree in Yoko Ono’s participatory installation… Ono, the avant-garde artist and widow of John Lennon, attached wishes to trees in temple courtyards as a child in Japan.

Now the act of wishing, which she describes as a “collective prayer,” is part of an ongoing tribute to her late husband. All of the wishes from the current installation will be saved and later buried at Ono’s public art project, the Imagine Peace Tower, in Reykjavík, Iceland.

One Colorado, W. Colorado & Fair Oaks, Pasadena CA 91103

Wishing begins at 10 AM on Saturday, Aug. 2nd, through Nov. 2nd.

Please check your cynicism at the door.

Photograph by Miguel Angel Valero; courtesy of The Armory Center for the Arts.