The San Gabriel River is full and flowing!

Get your bikes or hiking shoes ready to enjoy the free flowing river this weekend.


On Monday on my bi-weekly run to Costco I noticed the powers that be have turned the San Gabriel River on again.  It is flowing hard and fast, probably the best it has been in well over a year.  Lord knows 2 weeks ago it was bone dry through there.

Tuesday was too nice a day to not go down to the river and check it out.  Camera in tow I spent the better part of the morning hiking along the San Gabriel River Bike Path ducking down the various trails to the river itself.  I shot alot, mostly I just enjoyed seeing the river flow again.

 Already ducks are back in the river swimming about.  Some small fish, snail darters or some variation of pupfish were visible in the slower moving sections.  Hundreds of lizards were all over the place.  There were even a few bunnies at waters edge in spot taking a drink.  Who’da thought you’d see so much wildlife so fast just by turning on the river.

I’d highly recommend you take the time and visit the river while it is running so hard and clear.   My favorite access point is from Duarte’s Encanto Park and use the old Rail Road bridge to cross over when I walk. 

The other point, and the one most used by bicyclists is from the otherside of the river at Lario Park.  The entrance to that park is 1/3 mile west of the junction of Foothill and Irwindale Avenues.  It has ample parking and restrooms available.

Now for the real reason hikers need to pay a visit this week you need to make the jump.

Wildflowers.  Cactus flowers are in bloom like this one with a bee feeding that I shot on Tuesday’s walk.  The heavy monsoon rain of two weeks ago tricked a lot of the plants to flower which is highly unusual for this time of year.

All pics by me.  More are in my flickr sets.

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