Solidarity Ride Scheduled For Friday

You remember that pair of cyclists on July 4 who ended up hospitalized with serious injuries, victims of what officials called an incident of road rage in which a Mandeville Canyon resident is alleged to have intentionally slammed on his brakes in front of them? If not, refresh yourself with LAist who was all over the story, and its developments in which the suspect, 58-year-old Dr. Christopher Thompson, was arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon. He was later charged with two felony counts each of reckless driving causing injury and battery with serious bodily injury.

Thompson, who is free on $30,000 bail, is scheduled to be arraigned August 1 at the L.A. Superior Courthouse near the airport (11701 S. La Cienega Blvd, 90045; map). If convicted on all counts he can reportedly be facing more than seven years in state prison.

I’m planning on participating in a group bike ride Friday being organized that will originate at Heliotrope and Melrose in East Hollywood departing for the courthouse at 7 a.m. If that isn’t too early for you, join in. More info is here on the Midnight Ridazz site.

4 thoughts on “Solidarity Ride Scheduled For Friday”

  1. This should be an interesting one should it go to trial. Anyone going to sit in and monitor and report on the trial? It should be interesting.

    How much you wanna bet he’ll cop a nolo plea to keep his insurance coverage intact?

    Yes, his insurance won’t pay on an intentional act like that, most insurance policies won’t. In order for the exclusion to apply there needs to be proof he intended to stop short and meant to harm them or should have reasonably known someone would be harmed. Absent a conviction it is hard to evoke the exclusion.

    Most people and their attorney know that and work to keep the exclusion from applying even if it means having to cop a plea like nolo as they know it is next to impossible for the carrier to bring the exclusion into play when there is no conviction.

    Just giving you and idea how the civil court system and insurance come into play with the criminal side of the system.

  2. Interesting look at it, Fraz.

    What will be interesting to see play out is how a March incident on Mandeville Canyon with a couple other cyclists reportedly being run off the road by the suspect might factor into any trial. Apparently the DA declined to file charges stemming from that incident and the victims can positively ID the car and driver as the same involved in the July 4 incident.

  3. Thread hijack alert! I ride bicycles, motorcycles, drive cars and spend more time on narrow two lane roads than almost anyone who reads this blog. I’d like to list a few tips that EVERYONE can learn from.

    1. Slow down on narrow roads, most of you terrible cornering skills.
    2. Turn your damn wheel and don’t fade over the double yellow.
    3. If passing a bicyclist on a narrow road makes you nervous wait until you approach a straight stretch of road to cross the double yellow and pass.

    1. Riding 2-4 wide on a narrow road is STUPID. Ride single file so that everyone can get around you without crossing the double yellow and endangering oncoming traffic.
    2. Before traveling downhill at a high rate of speed learn how to hold a tight line. Weaving in and out of the middle of the lane because you don’t know how to ride (look where you want to go not at your front wheel) makes it impossible for us to pass without crossing the double yellow.

    1. When approaching cyclists on the road slow down, swing to the inside of the lane and lay off the throttle until clear.
    2. Slow the fuck down, just like car drivers most of you have no idea how to execute a corner properly.

    If everyone would consider how their actions affect the other drivers/riders on the road we’d have a lot less accidents.

  4. Nicely put there Bromike666. IT is a total share the road and respect each other.

    Will…Thanks for the extra details RE the guy being positively ID’d in prior incidents. Now that is an interesting wrinkle and wonder what sort of police reports exist to support that.

    All I can say is what a total A-hole.

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