Tissues Is Not an Issue

I saw this car, as I was driving away from taking pictures of our local fire. It wasn’t just that the website was stamped across the back of the Caddy that caught my eye. It was mainly the tissue box stuck to the window. You know I had to hit the website TissueIsNotAnIssue.com. It’s a site for a tissue box holder. It’s worth visiting just for the first 40 seconds of the video on the site. Along with cellphones, that explains why so many driver’s in LA are inattentive.

5 thoughts on “Tissues Is Not an Issue”

  1. I actually have this problem often!
    But, that’s just a bit too dorky to attach a tissue box to part of my car.

  2. Hey, the freeway shot was a block from my house, at the top of the 110 freeway in Pasadena (where the sinkhole was last week.)

    My favorite line: “…so you can just sneeze and driiive.”

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