That was a big one!

Maps of Recent Earthquake Activity in California-Nevada

Anyone else just feel that crazy shit rip through town? According to USGS that was a magnitude 5.8 event that occurred 3 km (2 miles) SW of Chino Hills, CA (29 miles ESE from LA center). Wow. Everyone OK?

UPDATE: Lots of reports of phones not working, mine seems to be fine and I’m with AT&T (Scratch that, my phone is down too) People I know with Sprint & Verizon are complaining so might be a CDMA outtage. More shortly…

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  1. Also felt in Santa Monica here in Ocean Park. I got up and moved to an outer doorway. My neighbor and I both had problems using AT&T wireless cellphones. Good one. Hope all is well.

  2. Kind of a fun roller in Pasadena. First time in years stuff has been knocked off a shelf, though. That was pretty big. Everyone okay?

  3. Checking in from Pasadena, where we felt a lot of swaying and rolling (my wife watched our patio ripple, apparently) but no damage at all, and nothing too scary (certainly nothing like whittier or Northridge.)

  4. Yeah, my cell’s not working, or the company phones(comforting thought).
    But that was a good shaker, hope everyone’s ok. Get ready to duck.

  5. it’s weird- I can make calls finally, but all text messages are still failing (on verizon)… i had heard that in an event of an emergency, texting would be a safer bet (i.e. twittering updates) vs. calling, but there goes that theory…

  6. That is NOT a big one. Northridge that was a pretty good whopper.

    Anyway here in the SGV we had 2 hard jolts. The first hit, shaking dropped off and at about 20 seconds the next jolt hit and the ground rocked hard. Total time was maybe 45 seconds to a minute.

    I was walking into the Fresh and Easy when it hit. We stepped back into the parking lot. We could see the big lights for the parking lot sway with a good 2-3 foot sway.

    No damage in the store. I had one light outside fall over and break.

    My wife works in Pomona at the HSBC service center. She called me right after the quake. Their building shook hard, files fell off desks and some ceiling tiles fell. Her building was evacuated a few minutes ago as a second floor ceiling besides losing a lot of tiles also has a sag so all are out as a precaution.

  7. Have a couple people here in my office in Santa Monica that had never been in an earthquake before. Those of us who had experienced one before didn’t think much of it. One girl even kept working through it!

  8. (can’t resist) That’s what she said!

    No really, check this out

    Unconfirmed reports say there is currently a large group of people wearing turbans climbing towards the sign with a giant B.

    And so began the entertainment outsourcing revolution of 2008

  9. So it turns out I’m lame and can’t post pictures to make my jokes funny. The Hollywood sign lost the H in the quake.

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