6 thoughts on “Judge Judy + Quake = Awesome”

  1. “Young man, look at me when I tawk to you. Look at me. You know what you ah? You’re a louse. There’s a word faw people like you, and it’s “louse.” Not only do you sponge off yaw girlfriend while you go galavantin around with yaw high falutin ways, you have the nerve to come into my cawtroom, and stand theah with yaw hands in yaw pockets, shrugging little a little boy, while an earthquake cleahs the cawtroom. I’d like to take you by the eah and wash yaw mouth out with soap. I don’t think yaw mutha spanked you enough when you were a little boy. Louse.”

  2. I remember one time I was watching and this guy was lying through his teeth and the earth shook a little and Judy was like “See what happens when you tell lies?”

    This was way more epic. Thank you for posting.

    – AP

  3. Now that is reality TV.

    Did they kiss and make up after that harrowing experience? Inquiring minds want to … well, I mean, if it’s that interesting …

  4. Dang. At first, I thought the title of this post meant some mashup video of Judge Judy and the game Quake.
    But it’s still awesome b/c it turned out to be a behind-the-scene of Star Trek.

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