Hindsight is Best: Earthquake Safety!

In light of the fact that we just had what was probably the biggest earthquake most of us have felt in a long time (5.8 centered in Chino Hills) and I, for one, couldn’t remember what I was supposed to do, maybe now is a good time to remind readers of the proper earthquake safety procedures as dictated by the LAFD. It’s also a great reminder to get out to the store and assemble your earthquake preparedness kit.

6 thoughts on “Hindsight is Best: Earthquake Safety!”

  1. Thanks, Spencer.

    Everyone in my office just kinda said “oh shit” and sat there, not knowing what to do! Funny how you forget everything you’ve learned when it actually happens.

  2. Nice reminder, does anyone have eecue’s earthquake kit post handy?

    Funny thing is the last few days the whole EQ thing has been bugging me (I was living Valley Village for Northridge and that was a whopper). Over the last week I’ve checked all my flashlights, changed out my water supplies etc.,.

    Where I have been lax is not keeping a small in in the trunk of the car. My wife has hers, but then she commutes and I make sure hers is current. Good thing as right now she’s sitting in her parking lot at work waiting for the all clear to go back in. (Her office in Pomona was evacuated a little after noon as the 2nd floor had some down ceiling tiles and a sagging portion of the ceiling).

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