Fire in El Sereno

Helicopter drops water on fireJust went out to grab a tomato for my sandwich and smelled smoke in the air. A hillside along Huntington Dr. South near where it turns in to Soto St. is on fire. There doesn’t seem to be any houses threatened and the ground fire crews were out in full force, along with 4 helicopters doing water drops. The helicopter crew was also dropping water to protect the surrounding structures.

Earthquake? Check.

Fire? Check.

Gangbanging shoot out? Check back after 10pm.

It’s been an interesting day in El Sereno.

4:42pm UPDATE from LAPD Fire Alert:

2580 N Soto St* KNOCKDOWN; 110 Firefighters took 66 minutes; Held to less than 5 acres; No injury or structure damage; Cause under investigation; NFD – Brian Humphrey###

Way to go LAFD!

5 thoughts on “Fire in El Sereno”

  1. Me to faboomama, love it here and it will take more than a little jiggle to send me packing. Actually after Northridge I know it will a helluva lot to send me away. Love it here, love it, love it!

  2. @militantangeleno, You know that I am. It’s just that speaking to people in other parts of the country, they act as if LA is the only city in the US with earthquakes.

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