Baby, you can drive my car

An art exhibit to present lust on wheels

Antebellum Gallery, the fetish art emporium in Hollywood owned and curated by filmmaker and photographer Rick Castro, has an exhibit going up this weekend that is perfect for Los Angeles and two of it’s best known, uh, attributes — cars and sex.

Automolove, Car Culture with a kink, opens this Saturday, August 2nd. The reception goes from 6 to 9 PM and has a $10 cover. (It’s worth it.)

Castro’s openings are always a good time, with music, performance art, rituals, general lunacy… and an open bar, of course. (One time, he even had a selection of mezcals.)

This time, he promises an “Eroticar Lot,” with vehicles on display that will make you forget gas prices.

Skin, metal and location after the jump.

Castro calls Automolove, named after the 1975 song by Queen,

“the first exhibition to present lust on wheels. In the world of fetish, anything can be eroticized and probably already is. Car culture is a part of Americana, and southern California in particular, where the love of cars is on display every day.”

“I hope this exhibition will be a combustible encounter of the worlds of fetish, art, subculture, gender, sexuality, contemporary culture, and car culture…with a kink!”

So wear your favorite driving gloves.

Photographs by (top) Rick Castro, (middle) David Mason Choecki & Jennifer Stratford. Bottom image courtesy of Brett Barris/Barris Archives. All images courtesy of Antebellum Gallery 1643 N. Las Palmas Ave. Hollywood CA 90068

One thought on “Baby, you can drive my car”

  1. Looking at the web site, I’m thinking: Yeeeah, car sales will be up after that one.

    But wait, there are already so very many cars in LA, where can one find room to possibly fit more? One might wonder, no?

    Sure, my first reference on this is a Fast and the Furious flic’, but it looks like Tokyo knows how to do close-quarters parking. Who knows? …

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