Staycation All I Ever Wanted

This isn’t a poll, just an informal survey.  Did you go or are you going on a vacation this summer?  Or are you doing an L.A. area “staycation?”  If you’re taking a vacation, is it the type of vacation you took in years past?  Are your plans affected by economic circumstances? 

This summer, I’m staying put.  I guess I fall into the “staycation” category.  However, I’m still a relative newb to California, and one reason why I moved to an area near the beach is that it feels like a resort.  Indeed, it is a destination resort for many people.  So I might have stayed here this summer no matter what.

Nevertheless, the economy is lurking back there somewhere.  So is my perception of the hassle of traveling at the moment, whether it be the security lines in the airports, or gasoline prices and traffic.

However, I have had lots of fun this summer.  I’ve been hanging out with friends and colleagues, hosting and going to barbeques, exercising, attending outdoor events, meeting people at sunny Venice Beach cafes, walking around Santa Monica, Venice, and the Marina, taking my “nephew” to the dog park, bringing out-of-town visitors to local restaurants, and chugging through “The Wire” on DVD.  Laptop in hand, I have also spent time in local coffee shops and Wi-Fi spots, blogging and reconnecting with friends electronically.  And I’ve even made it as far as Laguna Beach.

What about you?

(Photo of Mount San Jacinto State Park by Matt Mason.  On a previous vacation.)

8 thoughts on “Staycation All I Ever Wanted”

  1. We altered our plans. Instead of a cross country road trip its local trips a tank or so away. The sad part is what it costs us now to go to PS and back got us to Leadville, CO two summers ago.

    BTW nice post, and dang you I had something similar up my sleeve as the cost of travel is impacting summer plans for most of us.

  2. I find that I travel more by plane and less by car. Somehow the thought of a car tour conjures up images of high gas prices, but a plane is out of sight, out of mind. I’ve taken two week-long vacations and have one more planned for next month. What I will do for next year, however, is plan in advance and set aside money for “road trips” up and down the coast to cover the costs associated with driving. So, so far, so good, but going forward, a bit more financial planning and setting aside more.

  3. My wife and I just got back from nine days in Central Mexico. Having gone to Africa in 2005, done an eight-state 4,500-mile road trip in 2006 and an Italian cruise in 2007, we definitely had a much more low-key closer-to-home vacation in mind this year, and it worked out great.

    Next year, though I’m thinking we’ll stay even closer. Not necessarily a staycation, but perhaps a single destination. Maybe New York City or New Orleans or an extended visit to the Grand Canyon.

  4. Frazgo – thanks, sorry, feel free to post, I’m sure it won’t come out the same as this one.

    Will.I.Am – If I downsize next summer according to your scale, I’ll be staying in my room!

  5. I actually stopped by LA on my R&R break from my unit’s deployment, somewhere unspecified “over there”. I was already in California, visiting family, had thought that a trip to LA could make it worthwhile.

    Got a hotel room in West Hollywood, kind of last minute, but it was indeed available — used in fact, to book the reservation. This became important, after a snaggle that occurred, due my having to change my plans on the last-minute reservation. The Choice Hotels people, in the 24-hr service they offer for members, they booked a hotel for one night, that night — like, around 10 PM — then I was off to the main reservation I’ve made, the next day. If I’m a traveler, this has been one chance to become a more seasoned traveler.

    I’d taken the Pacific Coast Highway, south through Pismo, jumped in at Morro Bay on way down from Fresno. Never have I driven a more beautiful strip of road. It is really a great drive — and it was pretty much clear of traffic.

    There are some places I’m glad I stopped at, while down here: The Unknown Theater, on Theater Row, for An Attic An Exit; the Echo, near Echo Park, for the Tim Flite / Watson Twins show; Buddha’s Belly, for the salmon steak; Ritz Camera, Beverly Hills, for a new and telephoto lens for the camera, before the Gnarls Barkley show; the marina in Santa Monica, for the photo of a reel pirate ship |^)

    I could regret that I hadn’t tried Craig’s List sooner, for meeting someone to go there with. I ain’t crotchety enough to enough to be able to enjoy going to all these places alone — and it clearly doesn’t work out easily, at the end of the vacation, for one given my particular circumstances, if one tries to pick up a quick date at Craig’s List.

    and hey, more power to the Chevron people, what with their industrial professionalism and large-scale operations. Being something of an industry-geek, it was fun to drive by one of their local locations. On the other hand, then, I’m glad that we have these emissions controls, insofar as is reasonable.

    I’ve enjoyed some of the radio stations, down here — a good thing, I think, considering that numerous LA drivers are reasonable drivers, and it takes some driving to get there, then considering that there’s not enough FM bandwidth, in the area — every other frequency point having one station or another, on it. So, the iPod-to-FM transmitter cannot keep a signal for any more than a few blocks — It’s a rental, so I don’t get to choose the stereo system ;^) but the radio is good, around here, good for listening-at on the drive.

    I’ll remember, the most, that show at the Unknown Theater, and Tim Flite at the Echo. Rock on LA, there are some memories to be had.

  6. Traveler, if by “unit’s deployment” you mean that you’re in the military, rather than as a dirty double entendre, then thank you for your service. (and if it’s the other meaning, then hopefully someone else thanked you for your service). I once rode the PCH from SF to SD on a bicycle, including the Pismo Beach and Morro Bay section you mentioned. I fell in love with the CA coast and knew that one day I would live here. I’m glad you had a good time, and am not surprised. It still feels like a resort to me almost every day.

  7. Mason: Heheh, ain’t nothing dirty about it besides, well, the dirt — seen a lot of it, over there, ate plenty of it too, can’t help it when it’s that kind of job you’re working.

    PCH by bike, the whole way of it — man, that must’ve been beautiful.

    I think I might try settling somewhere south of Pismo, once I get out of the service. I love that area — and it should be close enough to LA to still catch some of the music, theater, & visual arts scenes, all around in the area. It’s a live area, I really like that about it.

    I’m glad that we don’t get an unkind reception around here — really glad about that.

    and glad to serve, noticing this is in what we get to defend — this, this groovin’ metropolis called Los Angeles, for all that’s good here and whatnot more, a city unlike any other.

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