Shia LeBeouf flips SUV at cursed Fountain & LaBrea

The West Hollywood intersection where an allegedly intoxicated Shia Lebouf crashed and flipped his Ford pickup truck early Sunday is also the same spot where a pickup truck smashed into the corner of Edible Arrangements in December, 2007, right next door to Kat Von D’s High Voltage Tattoo.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies said LaBeouf made a left turn and collided with an oncoming car about 2:30 a.m. at the intersection of La Brea and Fountain avenues. The actor’s Ford F-150 pickup truck rolled over in the crash. [LA Times]

I personally have been witness to two seperate accidents at that intersection, one involving a left turn. After last December’s crash, Metblogs reader “G” commented, “This is not the first time this has happend to that structure.” And another reader noted that the switch from yellow to red at the intersection is abnormally short, perhaps to maximize the number of tickets that the “red light camera” there can issue.

This incident reinforces the need for dedicated left turn signals at the intersection, and perhaps more time for the yellow light.

Hopefully the injury an A-list actor, however intoxicated, will make the City of West Hollywood consider removing their $600 per ticket camera system and instead focus on public safety instead of profits.

4 thoughts on “Shia LeBeouf flips SUV at cursed Fountain & LaBrea”

  1. Maybe I missed something, but the reports I have read said nothing about the light color being a factor in this accident. Rather all I have seen so far indicates he made a left turn and lost control crashing into a store. Sounds like all etoh issues to me.

    I have to agree that “protected lefts” are something LA should have had for as long as I have been here. Until then I keep reminding myself 3 rights make a left and do so when traffic is heavy and the chances of making a safe left diminish.

  2. Wow, I was not aware of the location for Shia’s accident. I agree, dangerous intersection. You have a lot of rubbernecking going on near Kat Von D’s shop. Plus ya got Best Buy and Target. I live on Hollywood and Wilcox so it’s the only I can go for my generalized shopping needs.

  3. I think I neglected to mention last time I posted about the damage to that structure; at some time before Edible Arrangements was damaged, the Jon’s West Hollywood sign was taken out twice in the course of a month or so….

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