Monday Bullets: That Bong, Ba-Bong Bong Bong

  • bong.JPGWith most of the nerds back in hibernation, it’s safe to go back to the Apple store. RackedLA is reporting stockage of the iPhone and shorter lines at most local stores. Go. Buy one. Then Twitter all day about how cool you are.
  • Under the Alexandria shows us the way to the Los Angeles Bong District. In these trying times, it’s a good idea to buy wholesale to support your habit.
  • Ahem… Dear White Dude in Unit 234: An Advanced Guide to Being Professionally Fabulous wants you to buy some curtains, and put some damn clothes on. You may also want to turn up the thermostat.
  • Did you know L.A. had a Tofu Festival? Well, it doesn’t anymore. Sha in LA laments its demise after a 12-year-run. In tribute, Sha leaves us a tasty recipe for Tofu Tostadas.
  • And Tony Piece blogs about Comic-Con. At least, that’s what think this post is about. He also shows that he can *OMG* with the best of them, and that the shift key is overrated. He’s very big in Canada.

Photo from Under the Alexandria

3 thoughts on “Monday Bullets: That Bong, Ba-Bong Bong Bong”

  1. Sadly, I bought an iPhone Friday. I say “sadly” because I tranacted at a local AT&T store, so by “bought” I mean ordered one whose delivery window is between 10 and 21 days. And that gives me far too much time for my buyer’s remorse to mushroom, overshadowing any coolness I may tweet about the device when it finally arrives.

  2. My neighbor waited in line yesterday for three and a half hours at the Apple Store at the Glendale Galleria, which, by the way, he was told was the first stand alone Apple Store in the entire universe. So he felt special.

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