Great little neighborhood wine bar


Bodega Wine Bar in the Paseo Colorado is a great little spot.  Certainly not what one would expect to find in a destination village that is pretty well sanitized and mainstream.  It is all warm modern decor with high dark wood tables inside and outside.  There is even a big comfy sofa and table outside.  A perfect place for a bunch of friends to enjoy each others company while sampling some good wines.

Saturday night was a celebration night with our neighbors.  We were there to meet up with some of their friends prior to the movie and arrived to find the place pretty well packed.   We were greeted by Jena when we walked in and the best service that I have had in a while started right then.  For the details make the jump.

As newbies there she gave us the menu and quick run down on their single price big variety menu.  Yes, single price so you can sample several varietals without breaking the bank in the process. 

Their menu and wine list is lengthy, and affordable.   The “Happy Hour” menu with all wines at $5/glass or $15/half-carafe is quite the deal.  That value pricing is in place every day from 4-7PM including weekends.  Regular price at $8, 21 carafe or 32 a bottle isn’t going to break the bank so continuing into the evening is still feasible.

We opted to order off the regular menu.  Smoked Turkey Panini, Roasted Vegetable Pizza and a couple of the Goat Cheese and Pear Salads.  At $10-13 they were in the realm of affordable.  Even with the full house they were out to us within minutes of being ordered. 

All told a couple of half-carafes, food and tip we walked out out quite happy and satisfied for $85.  Given the atmosphere and terrific service it was a better than average value and a great way to start the evening.   We’ll be back, probably with a larger group to take advantage of their private party room.

Details: Bodega Wine Bar, 260 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101  626-793-4300

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  1. I know, I pretty much broke all my own rules, but I was invited to join in and glad I did as this place is pretty special.

  2. I like (and happen to work by) the location in SM. Its nice for decent wines and food at decent prices for happy hour.

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