Trying The New 8 Oz. Burger Bar on Melrose

Last night I took a walk down to 8 Oz. Burger Bar, the new gourmet burger joint from chef Govind Armstrong. 8 Oz. is located at the former home of Armstrong’s Table 8 (7661 Melrose Ave. at Spaulding Ave). While they appear to still be working out the kinks they did enough right to make me want to go back soon. Their signature burger was very good, as were the fries and onion rings. In addition the specialty cocktails were excellent and the beer and wine selection had something for everyone.

Best of all it was reasonably priced. While my dining companions and I ran up a nice tab trying fancy drinks and desserts (the brownie shake was awesome) an excellent burger, fries and a beer at 8. Oz shouldn’t cost you more than about 20 bucks. The outstanding Eater LA has had some kind words for the place and they have the full menu here.

8 Oz. Burger Bar is located at 7661 Melrose Avenue at Spaulding Ave. Hours are Mon-Fri 3pm-2am and Sat-Sun 7pm-2am. You can reach them at 323-852-0008.

3 thoughts on “Trying The New 8 Oz. Burger Bar on Melrose”

  1. It’s Hollywood location works great for me as it’s two blocks from my apartment. I wouldn’t say 8 Oz. is worth heading down to Hollywood immediately but if you find yourself nearby it’s worth a stop.

  2. Shortrib grilled cheese = to die for. Thankfully you can resurrect with the elderflower daquiri (I know, I know, but it’s not blended and girly lookin’), which is like baby jesus tears in a glass.

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