Win Tickets to Black Kids with Lovelikefire at the El Rey!

black-kids.jpgJuly 29–that’s this coming Tuesday–the band that I first mistook for an extremely enthusiastic new The Cure recording (am I the only one who thinks the new Cure single blows?) is coming to the El Rey. In listening to the Black Kids’ record I can say with certainty that the are HELLA NOT The Cure and that they do, indeed, rock. It should be a great show!

We’ve got tickets! Want to win a pair? Heh…this should be fun: Enter the LEAST p.c. band name you can make up–the least p.c. you can manage to squeak out without checking yourself into sensitivity training classes! We’ll pick the most atrocious, amusing entry. Foul language sometimes gets auto-screened, so watch it. This should be artful & clever, not crass. Ok, maybe a little crass.

13 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Black Kids with Lovelikefire at the El Rey!”

  1. dead n*gger storage

    someone once suggested that on another blog as a band name. lucinda, I have some weird feeling a lot of people are gonna steer clear of this one…i did not make this up, i do want the tickets, but i cannot go. i just figured i’d get it rolling…

  2. Mister Thurman Oliver, your first one is definitely the worst so far. Good job!!!

    Really, if people steer clear of it they have no sense of humor. The whole point is to be as offensive as possible–I’ve given ’em carte blanche to do so. If they can’t take the heat, they’re outta the kitchen. ;)

  3. A spam email that just arrived in a friend’s inbox:

    “Attack Of The Zombie Negroes: Dick Cheney”

  4. Hey, what’s wrong with The Cure? I saw them rock the Hollywood Bowl a while back and man, did they exceed my expectations. For older guys, they still put on one hell of a 3-hour show.

  5. Maybe this is a mistake, but I’ll give it a try.

    A Doo-Wop band named,
    “Roe Wade & the Coathangers”.
    Their new album is titled, “Yea, That Was a Mistake.”

  6. This would have been more appropriate a couple of years ago, but… “TSUNAMI DEATH TOLL”. A Metal band of course.
    “Roe Wade & the Coathangers” deserves the tickets though, unless you have a couple of pairs. wink wink.

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