Today’s total parking ‘tard

Wyoming Ave in Pasadena by John Muir High-school.  This parking ‘tard just double-parked on a street so narrow it is essentially one direction at a time.  Double-parked, not even his hazard flashers on.  I had to park around the block and walk back to the gym to pick up my youngest from Basketball Camp.  Total 20 minutes it took me to get in and out with Joey,  it was still there.  To quote Jar-Jar Binks “How Rude”.

pic by me with the trusty phone cam.

12 thoughts on “Today’s total parking ‘tard”

  1. Un-f’ing-believable!

    I would’ve stood next to it while I called Pasadena PD on my cell phone to have it towed. When Pasadena PD said it’d take forever to get an officer out for a double-parked car, I’d mention that the truck was abandoned in front of a school, and I was concerned about a potential terrorist threat.

    After it was towed, I’d have stuck around waiting for the driver to reappear. When he turned up, I’d look him in the eye, say, “Douchebag,” and walk away.

  2. Ah Burns! as you well know I have those testosterone moments where all hell lets loose. My favorite is double parked blocking the fire lane to a school, that usually gets fast results. But today was Friday, the week just kicked my ass with kid stuff and I enjoyed the late afternoon walk, brilliant blue skies and of course knowing the ‘tard has been identified for all of LA as todays total douche as I clicked the pick and walked away. Cheers – its the weekend mate!

  3. Holy crap! I’m glad you captured his license plate number, that’s certainly justified. Any way to report the guy?

  4. Ah, so where are those multi-million-dollar street cameras our tax dollars collaboratively purchased over the past few years? Let’s put them to better use than racial profiling and drug deal detections…

  5. call parking inforcment, they will come give the car a ticket. don’t know the pasadina phone number but if you see a parking turd on an LA city street, the number to call is (213) 485-4184.

  6. Fraz, I can appreciate your zen-like approach to the matter. Maybe I was just feeling a little uppity. Perhaps I should take one of those long walks under the blue sky. And breathe…breathe…breathe…

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