Archiving Angeles (AA): Horse & Buggy


It was the year before the automobile became popular. A year before the first Model T rolled off the line. Los Angeles Street was alive with the clatter of horse-drawn carriages and a rumbling streetcar.

Things were about to change.

The year was 1907.

Photo from USC Digital Archive

4 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): Horse & Buggy”

  1. And I can imagine the solid and gaseous emissions from the horsies on a hot august night. The train should have stayed though. Great find as always.

  2. Marvelous, as usual. Standing at the intersection of 1st and Los Angeles Street and looking south today, one would see the decidedly less vibrant scene. There’s the ass end of the Caltrans building on the right and the Otani (I refuse to call it “New” anymore) on the left.

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