Governator terminates reasonable wages

the-terminator-1-1024.jpgThis broke in the Sack-town Bee last night:

“Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to sign an executive order next week intended to temporarily reduce pay for 200,000 state workers to the federal minimum wage of $6.55 per hour to preserve cash until lawmakers reach a budget deal, according to a draft copy of the order obtained by The Bee.

The governor’s order also would terminate about 22,000 retired annuitants, temporary workers and seasonal employees, as well as impose a hard freeze that blocks the hiring of roughly 1,700 new employees per month.

Administration officials said the Republican governor expects to take the action Monday, when the budget will be four weeks late as Democrats and Republicans continue to spar over how to resolve a $15.2 billion shortfall. 

“The administration is looking into many different options to preserve cash to ensure we have enough to cover our costs,” said Matt David, Schwarzenegger’s communications director.

But a spokeswoman for Democratic state Controller John Chiang, who pays the state’s bills, said he would ignore the governor’s order and continue paying full salary, likely forcing a court battle.

‘He will pay state workers the salaries that they have earned, and that’s full salary,’ Deputy Controller Hallye Jordan said of Chiang.”

Note that $6.55/hour equals $262.00 for a 40-hour workweek. In a month, that’s $1,048.00.

Gasoline alone, at an average of $4.50/gallon, is costing most folks about $200-$300 a month. I can’t fathom how anyone will be able to pay rent or eat on this wage.

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  1. Putting the state legislatures’ feet to the fire. Arnold can’t run again so he can take these measures. Its up to the lawmakers to put their self-interests aside and finally make the hard choices on this budget. They’ve only had _how_ many months now?

  2. The last I heard is that it was a temporary reductiona and it would be paid back retroactively.

    Also…woohoo party time in my ‘hood. The “expensive gas station” dropped 7 cents today to $4.37. (That’s sarcasm).

  3. Finally, Ah-nald is showing some balls again.

    For a moment there, I’d thought Maria had him clipped.

  4. Hey we’re 16-20 billion in the whole.

    1. Pay federal minimum wage.
    2. $200 fine for talking on phone while driving.
    3. $500 fine for not cleaning up your dog’s shit.
    4. All parking enforcement people WALK.
    5. All state employees lose their free car and have to take public transportation.

    That should take car of our shortfall!

  5. True annika but at least it isn’t a permanent roll back. Do you think those affected my step up and demand a budget be produced so it doesn’t happen?

  6. Call me a noob, but didn’t opponents of Gray Davis recall him and put forth Arnold because they wanted sensible solutions to the big state deficit? And Arnold’s solution is to punish state employees who didn’t cause the deficit, by reducing their salary to the federal minimum wage, not even the higher state minimum wage, even though they are state, not federal, employees? Quick, get that Constitution out and change the part about being born in the USA, we want Arnold to run for President as a Republican!

  7. Wow, those comments supporting this proposed action are amazing. I hope the Governor finds a way to hold back your wages as well, maybe with some “Temporary Adjustment of Wages to fulfill Poetic Justice for Assholes” bill. I’d write my Representative in support, due haste!

  8. I don’t necessarily support the action, because it’s going to screw lot of people, but I understand it.

    The governor is only able to do so much in the budget process. It’s the legislature that needs to pass one. As mummey said, this puts their feet to the fire.

    It’s been four months. We’re already billions in the hole. The lack of action on the legislature’s part is helping us go further into that hole., making the problem worse The state’s running on borrowed money. That’s not going to last forever.

    The governor is going to take heat for this action, and the legislature knows it. That’s why they did it. That’s how politics works. It’s a big game of chicken.

    What they don’t seem to understand is that he has less to lose than they do.

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