Apple MobileMe meltdown, anyone?

Apple’s MobileMe snafu continues to roil the tech media and blogs. Over the years, the Cupertino company has had disappointments with products not taking off with the public, but the ones that do far outnumber them and have changed the world for the better. Not since the roll out of iSync in 2003 has Apple had a crash-and-burn of this magnitude, and this one seems to be burning brighter with everything from tales of .mac users losing 4 years of email and Apple tech support allegedly taking the phone off the hook, to rumors of Steve Jobs imminent succumbing to pancreatic cancer feeding the flames.

As we Angelenos are a tech savvy, style-conscious, Macbook-loving, Nano-clutching, iPhone-slinging bunch if ever there was one, does anyone have a MobileMe experience/rant to share?

Thanks to Robert.

4 thoughts on “Apple MobileMe meltdown, anyone?”

  1. Everyone loves Apple. And the Geniuses in the store seem to be pretty nice. But the customer service via phone is abysmal. I get the feeling they’re not trying too hard because they don’t have to.

  2. My most proud moment with an Apple product came last month with the only Apple thing I own: an iPod from 2003. I was on the treadmill at the gym and this younger kid next to me (couldn’t have been older than 20 or so) looks over at my iPod and says in genuine amazement, “Oh wow–your iPod’s really old school… cool.” That kind of made me laugh. Then I realized: that made me “old school,” too. :)

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