World Music Night at the LA Zoo

A round of applause for Music at the LA Zoo. Last night, was World Music Night. Spending a nice summer’s evening strolling the zoo was much nicer than expected. The colors of the plants in the late afternoon/early evening sun, the animals resting after a long day, the music from all over the world, all served to give the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens a very different vibe that you never get during the daylight hours.

Sprinkled on stages set up around the park, 11 bands performed, including Inca Peruvian Ensemble (photo), Mala Ganguly (Indian), Kenny Hudson & World Beat (African) and Balalaika Rascals (Russian). The Oktoberfest Band was the first group seen as you entered the park.

Not all of the animals were out, but the ones that were put on a show. The gorillas came down to the partition, the zebras and giraffes were running around, the tiger even managed not to get bored by the human watching. Naturally, the children loved all of this, especially when the chimpanzees went nuts before feeding time.

It is my understanding that this was the last Music at the Zoo night for the summer. Makes me wish I had paid more attention to my member letters. Next year…