True Blood starts to sink its teeth in…

The first round of promotion for True Blood, the eagerly anticipated HBO series from Six Feet Under/American Beauty wunderkind Alan Ball, has appeared on the streets of Los Angeles in the form of these posters spotted on Melrose and Orange.

The premise of the show centers around the conceit that a synthetic blood substitute has been successfully developed and marketed (called Tru Blood), allowing vampires to “feed” without killing unsuspecting mortal humans. And now they’re tired of hiding in the shadows. Goddammit, they want their rights… and they just want to be loved– is that so wrong?

The series is set in Louisiana but was shot at LA’s Warner lot beginning last Fall. Los Angeles has an avid, unified vampire community and served as the locale for the recently defunct CBS series about night-creeping bloodsuckers, Moonlight.

True Blood, based on the Southern Vampires Mystery book series by Charlaine Harris, premieres September 7th on HBO.

5 thoughts on “True Blood starts to sink its teeth in…”

  1. Its a great campaign. Unless you read the ads, you’d never know it was for a TV show… and even then may be hard to tell without previous knowledge.

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