AOF International Festival – Movie Ticket Contest

redcanvas.jpgThis weekend is the Action on Film International Festival in Pasadena.  It will take place from July 25-31, 2008 at the LaemmleTheaters in Old Pas.  (One Colorado Blvd for the exact street addy). 

I have two tickets up for grabs for the first LA Showing of “The Red Canvas“.  This is an martial arts action film starring Ernie Reyes Jr, Lee Reyes, Maria Conchita Alonso, Sara Downing to drop a few names.

So far the movie has gotten some good reviews and press.  Nothing local, but Fox in Florida had this BIT.

Details: Sunday July 27, 2008 6:00PM at the Laemmle Theater, One Colorado, Pasadena CA.

How I got the tickets is part of the reason why I love LA.  My neighbor is a regular guy.  He studied hapkido to stay fit.  He got his black belt and teaches under his master over at Kim’s Hapkido here in Monrovia.  He has a lot of friends there.  They were lamenting one day what it would b3 like to do something different, take a risk.  Through a mutual friend they got the chance to do that.  They invested in this movie.  They even got little cameo roles in the movie.  Friends with common interests is a great way to push your boundary’s.  Not many cities can open up doors like that to friends.

The rules: send me an email.  Promise me you will send me a 25 words or less review and the set is yours.  [email protected]  Contest closes noon Thursday so I can get the tix express mailed to you.

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