$4250 Rent. Monthly Tagging Included.


Would you pay $4250 a month for an apartment on the 101 in Universal City?

My first post on Metblogs was back on October 3rd, 2007 regarding the exciting new development known as Universal Lofts.

You want to live so close to the 101 that you can deliver Otter Pops to idle commuters on a warm California afternoon. So functional. So convenient. So affordable, starting in the $900s.

My, how times have changed. Curbed is reporting that Universal Lofts has gone rental. In the real estate world, this is what happens when no one buys into a shitty project because it’s too expensive. And too shitty. And too cinder-blocky and expensive and theme park adjacent.

I’ve never quiet grasped the concept of building new industrial “live/work” lofts that resemble old industrial buildings that have been renovated into new lofts. But, it’s there, and it’s now available for your entire extended family of 9 to share.

Let’s do the math: For a family of 9, each individual would be responsible for $467 a month. Not bad, Holmes.

5 thoughts on “$4250 Rent. Monthly Tagging Included.”

  1. These lofts are failing all over the metro area. They really have a lot of merit in the right areas. The end result is that they were way overbuilt and now there is a glut on the market and they are going rental.

  2. Those buildings are so ugly and built right on top of one another. Every time I drive by them I’m thankful I don’t live there and wonder who on earth would want to.

  3. The same thing happened with “Mosaic” overhere by Union Station, they
    could’nt sell em’ so they had to rent em’. I see lots of people coming
    and going every time I pass by there coming from work, so I guess somebody likes it.

  4. I briefly looked into some of the new live/work loft spaces (only because I paint and was looking for a place with open space and large windows.) But when they cost as much as an actual house there’s no point in buying. And when the rent is as much as a mortgage, there’s no point renting.

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