Calling all mods, rude boys and rockers–Win Tix to English Beat!

english-beat.jpgAyup, Messrs. Wakeling, Roger, Cox & Steele bring The Beat back to the Pacific Shore for a night of rock action (not the Mogwai style, but rock action nonetheless). Hooray! They play with The Fixx and The Alarm for a true Brit invasion. It’s this Thursday, the 24th, at the Fonda in Hollywood.

Fancy a spot of tea with the boys? Win a sweet pair of tickets by telling me any number of things: Your fave French New Wave flick! Your preferred method of transpo: Vespa or cafe racer? The Yardbirds or Eddie Cochran? Vince Noir or Howard Moon? (I swoon for Moon.) We’ll pick the most entertaining replies, so–be clever! [claps hands]

Or buy tickets here.

8 thoughts on “Calling all mods, rude boys and rockers–Win Tix to English Beat!”

  1. WooHOO! I love English Beat, and would love to see them Thursday night. The Fixx and The Alarm would be a nice little bonus.

    Back in the early ’90s, Wakeling was living and playing locally with his band, Dave Wakeling and The Free Radicals (before the Houston band co-opted the name.) We would book them at Toe’s Tavern in Pasadena (and Redondo Beach and Santa Barbara) fairly frequently, and they were always a great time. Ska/rock/new wave/world beat music, always with Dave’s signature sound fronting the band.

    In ’93 (’94?) when they put General Public back together, the first live show Dave did with Ranking Roger was at Toe’s Pasadena. The show was fantastic; they played all the old English Beat/General Public hits. Dave was, as always, a prince of a guy; to be honest, Roger was kind of a douche. This may explain why it was an on-again/off-again thing for them.

    I’d be curious to see if Roger is touring with them now. As of a few months ago they had another guy who looked and sounded a lot like him, but this guy was new.

    What it all boils down to is that I would love, love, love to go see them Thursday night!

    PS– Although Vespa’s are cute, it’s got to be the cafe racer for me.

  2. The Alarm, what a great band. I’ll never understand why they opened for Boner and U2 on that giant world tour. It shoulda been the other way around.

    One of the best shows I’ve ever seen was The Alarm at the Kabuki in SF somewhere around 83 – 84? They finished their set, played an encore, house lights came up, crowd kept screaming “ENCORE”, roadies took apart the equipment,crowd still screaming “ENCORE”, band comes back on stage to take additional bows, crowd still screams “ENCORE”. band instructs roadies to put the equipment back together and plays additional encore.

    I’ll never forget what it felt like to be so young and care so much about a band.

  3. “I’m gonna be a rude boy, like my dad.”

    I had to come back to this post, because your first line made me wet my pants a little. Obviously, I’m interested in the tickets, but if Rankin’ Roger was really going to be at the show, there is no amount of begging I could do that would be enough to exhibit my desire for the tickets.

    If David Steele and Andy Cox were also going to be there, after I regained consciousness, I’d probably cause some kind of utilities outage from the scramble of both spreading the word and securing as many tickets as I could find, because if the Bands Reunited show featuring the Beat was any indication, we’re unfortunately never going to see Steele and Cox step on stage with Dave Wakeling again.

    The incarnation of the Beat currently touring with Wakeling is very good, and Dave’s voice and charisma are in top form. It’s a great, great time despite not having most of the original members of the band. I had the great pleasure of seeing them a few years back at Malibu Inn, playing with Lynval Golding of The Specials and the incomparable Pauline Black of The Selecter. Now that was a must-see show just for the chance to hear the lovely Ms. Black singing those Selecter songs.

    So, please, please, please tell me truthfully that Rankin’ Roger, Andy Cox and David Steele will really be there. That would completely skew my world view. However, whether it’s the full line-up or just Dave, I’m a fan, and I’d love to go to the show.

    Did I mention I’m throwing my name in the hat to win the tickets despite my lack of cleverness and inability to entertain. Please give some consideration to this anti-tainer.

  4. actually, I don’t know. In re-researching, I am assuming it’s whatever form the beat is currently taking that will be at the show. I iz sorries.

  5. I declared English Beat as my all time favorite band since I was 4 yrs old and always has been always will be. Ain’t no lie, here.
    Here is the deal: I am playing the sympathy card because for the first time I can. I got hit by a car crossing the street in a cross walk. I’m sore but I am okay and will at that concert get my shake on, and wake up my body after being bedridden for a few days.
    ‘preciate the contest your doing…and I love anything by Jean-Luc Godard
    But my first experience is “Bande a’part” like my first experience with music I am nostalgic, first loves ya know…

  6. I CONFESS, when it comes to this concert I would TWIST AND CRAWL thru mud under RED SKIES AT NIGHT to win. SOONER OR LATER I’d get desperate and grab my arsenal of 68 GUNS, but you know how ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER and instead of acting like a BIG SHOT gangsta, I’d SAVE IT FOR LATER and lock myself by the MIRROR IN THE BATHROOM and sob my TEARS OF A CLOWN.

    P.S. Since I CAN’T STAND LOSING YOU tickets, I will add my fave Nouvelle Vague film: while “Breathless” and “The 400 Blows” are right up there, and as much as that long tracking shot in Godard’s “Weekend” knocks me out every time, I must pick Louis Malle’s “Elevator to the Gallows” because Jeanne Moreau is a Goddess.

  7. I cast my vote for Pistolpete as well. Well done.

    That comment reminded me that there’s a blog post from a coupla months ago on the English Beat MySpace page that has an interview in which Dave Wakeling discusses the meanings and inspirations for some of his lyrics. Definitely a good read.

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