Monday Bullets: It’s Geek Week!

  • frak.jpgHave you been to Downtown L.A.’s new park at Vista Hermosa yet? Militant Angeleno likes the way it smells. Give it a week.
  • M-M-M-My Pomona calls out the L.A. Times for “getting its front-page stories from blogs.” Maybe the newspaper should, you know, hire some people. Oh, wait…
  • molls…she wrote wants to become “one the most fresh to the death bitches in the city of Los Angeles.” To achieve this, she has ordered her own vagina costume.
  • Happy Birthday to SnarkyDork, which turned 3 last week. She’s celebrating by attending Comic-Con. Our challenge to her is to obtain a group photo with Darth Vader, a Cylon and a midget. Bonus points for all four of them holding drinks.
  • Antisocial Networking wants you to stop lying on your online profile. You do not like walking on L.A. beaches at night. You do not like theatre. Suck it up, and admit that you’re a geek about… whatever you’re a geek about.
  • And congratulations to Blogdowntown, as they snag the Editor’s Choice Award in the 2008 Best of Downtown Awards for Best Website. If it weren’t for guys like BDT and Angelenic, we’d never know where to drink after a Lakers game. If we ever actually went to a Lakers game. We prefer tacos and Scrabble.

2 thoughts on “Monday Bullets: It’s Geek Week!”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Jason! I’d LOVE to get that photo and will try my best, in the moments I can get away from my table (L5, Small Press). I’ll hopefully be posting some more details tomorrow about what I’m selling, etc.

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