Stay out of the Sheats/Goldstein residence, Lebowski!

Hey Little Lebowski Urban Achievers, looking for yet another reason to see your favorite film on the big screen?

The Hammer’s got you covered.

Turns out the pad that renowned publishing, entertainment, and political advocacy guru Jackie “Logjamming” Treehorn lives in isn’t actually situated in Malibu, but in Benedict Canyon.

Not only that, but his digs are actually the beloved Sheats/Goldstein residence, designed by renowned American architect John Lautner.

And that’s where the Hammer comes in. The Museum is presenting a free screening of The Big Lebowski tonight at 9:00 p.m. to complement their exhibition Between Earth and Heaven: The Architecture of John Lautner. (In the interest of full disclosure, the institution that pays my bills co-organized this exhibition).

And if you want to further explore the Sheats/Goldstein residence, the Hammer and the
MAK Center for Art + Architecture are offering a
tour of the house on October 12, 2008 for $55.

And who knows, an architectual tour might even get you laid.

Wasn’t it Treehorn who said, “People forget the brain is the biggest erogenous zone.”

Image: Stills from The Big Lebowski. Courtesy of the Hammer.

3 thoughts on “Stay out of the Sheats/Goldstein residence, Lebowski!”

  1. Question 1: Address

    Question 2: More info on tonight’s event?

    Question 3: Will they be serving White Russians? :)

  2. Good thing they’re having it tonight, for those who don’t screen on Shabbas. Isn’t that “Chemosphere” house on the website the one from the film “Body Double”?

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