Get your crap together


This interesting signage can be found at Target in Duarte.  Love the quality control with the sign folks.  Enjoy the smile, now get back to work and finish making your weekend plans.

Pic grabbed by my son Mike as horrors…I had no camera with me!

6 thoughts on “Get your crap together”

  1. Love the quality control with the sign folks.

    Yea.. because its sooo hard for some punk kid (who also should get the hell off my lawn!) to move the sign’s to the left a little to hide the S in Scrapbook… as shown in the photo…

    Let me guess.. you didn’t help out the Target folks by fixing the signs either.. huh.

    Sounds soo American.. bitch bitch bitch.. no help in fixing…

  2. Yeah, I don’t think it’s negligence on the part of the Target signage person that created that beauty. That is definitely deliberate, and I for one am amused!

  3. Who is bitching? I got a laugh out of it.
    If it was deliberate it is even funnier.
    Why on earth would I try to correct and remove a giggle from someones day?

  4. LOL! All due respect to bmayhem, but I didn’t sense any bitching, just amusement. You should fix the sign and ruin the comedy for everyone else? I don’t think so! That would violate the unwritten Metbloggers’ mission!

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